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Before we transfer the Domain.
  • -   Make sure your Domain is not within 15 days from expiry.
  • -   Make sure this Domain has not been transferred 60 days prior to this.
  • -   Make sure this Domain is not registered within the last 60 days.
  • -   At your current Registrar, Do unlock the domain you wish to transfer.
  • -   Make sure your Whois Privacy Protect is disabled.
  • -   Not supported :
    .ac .am .art .audio .be .beer .best .blackfriday .blog .casa .click .co .cz .diet .fashion .fishing .fit .flowers .fun .game .garden .gift .global .guitars .help .hiphop .hiv .horse .hosting .id .in .juegos .kiwi .la .law .lol .london .luxe .mg .mom .mx .onl .online .photo .poker .property .pw .qa .rich .rodeo .surf .tech .top .university .vegas .vip .vodka .wedding .work .ws and .yoga.

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* Excludes certain TLDs and recently renewed domains